Friday, August 8, 2008

August Update.

Another minor update to the DLL and API.
LEntropy is now ... LLEntropy with the application of the same zero-lag smoothing algorithm. MTFS (a.k.a. AdLag64Stok_MTF) has also got an extra optional parameter to tune the "realtimeness" of the indicator (see screenshot).
Market reading is simpler particularly around extreme peak/troughs of the Entropy indicator ( EntBin around 4 or 5 resp. -4/-5).

Another current development is the implementation of the SQL DB support. First release will be for a MS Access database, but it should apply all the same to SQL Server. We shall first record "pattern depth" i.e. the last 64 or 128 bars for each realtime dynamic pattern, i.e. Swing, Smooth, MTFS, Fib, Recurrence Plots, and now Entropy as well.

I'll publish more details by the time first release is available later this year.

So more to come soon and in the meantime, enjoy your holiday!