Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Updated pivot status extracted from the API

A few keen users may have desired to venture into the API to discover that some pivot points are sometimes not plotted with the Swing indicator. Indeed there is a "hesitation" factor built in the algorithm, but only on the last pivot point. All older pivots stabilize after a while.

In order to better detect and use that information, the API now also outputs a pivot status e.g. peak/trough/hesitant. With experience, we can notice that the "hesitant" pivot is often a "glass ceiling", "glass floor" i.e. some sort of invisible support or resistance which is just being tested. It generally preempts a reversal, and can be used to update money management ahead of the reversal.

The new API call is : BV_GetPivotDir which returns -1 for a peak, 1 for a trough, and 0 (again on last pivot only) if pivot is hesitant.

The TS_TT DLL (version 1.2) is currently sent to all users, and updated EL indicators will be be posted here soon.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Swing2 Update

A new version of the Swing2 indicator is ready for release. The convergence code of the genetic algorithm has been vastly improved by implementing a full search on condition only. This implies that normal swing search will always favour pivots detected on previous bars.

The next release will therefore calculate pivots on ALL bars. This is a major improvement this will allow a lot more support/resistance information to be derived from the indicator.

This work has been motivated by a request to finally turn our trading method into a mechanical system, and Swing2 was a major hurdle. A TSTT toolset update should be available within a few days.

Good trading to all,